Welcome to the Sugar Creek Homestead!

This blog is going to be used as a journal to write about my family and the daily events that happen on my 1/4 acre homestead in the Sugar Creek subdivision. First, here is a little information about my family. My name is Kristen and I am a stay-at-home (home school) mom with two boys (Scotty age 8 and J.W. age 4). My husband Tim is a retired Navy diver and currently works in Hyperbaric Medicine. We live on a 1/4 acre lot in the suburbs that we are turning into a homestead thanks to the inspiration of the Dervaes family. Our backyard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat from the World Wildlife Federation where we attract bluebirds, cardinals, mocking birds, doves, squirrels, monarch butterflies, bees, lizards, frogs and other various forms of wildlife. We also have 9 laying hens and a ShitZu (Quigley) who thinks he is a guard dog. In the garden we have herbs, heirloom vegetables, berries and a few fruit trees. We also have a play yard for the kids, a chicken coop, a garden shed, a kennel, a barn shed, an overground pool, a small pond with waterfall, a picnic table and a fire pit.

Here is a list of things we are doing on our homestead: seed starting and saving, raised bed & container gardening, composting & recycling, water conservation using rain water and grey water, energy conservation and experimenting with alternative energy, raising chickens for eggs, creating backyard wildlife habitats, storing food, using the Dave Ramsey financial program, woodworking, making crafts, canning, dehydrating beer making, fermenting foods, cooking from scratch, fishing and shooting.

I have decided to write my own home school curriculum based on The Sugar Creek Gang series of books by Paul Hutchens. This curriculum would be for boys ages 8-12 and would be 36-weeks long corresponding with the book series. My oldest son just turned 8 and loves the Sugar Creek Gang books and there is so much to expand upon for learning. It should be available for sale by Fall 2010!

Homestead Blessings – Kristen

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