Our Own Beer Summit

While President Obama, Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley were having their little “Beer Summit” in order to learn something from each other, here at the homestead we were learning how to make our own beer! I ordered the Cooper’s Micro Brewrey kit which seemed like a really easy way to get started in beer making. You just open your can of something called wort and pour it in the container that comes with it then add boiling water and stir. Then you add brewing sugar (dextrose) and more water, a yeast packet that came with the wort then screw on the lid with an airlock system and VOILA! You can watch the whole process on You Tube here. You have to let it ferment for about 6 days in an area that stays about 70-75 degrees. We put ours in the bedroom closet by the bathroom which was hilarious when we started hearing weird noises and thought the toilet or sinks were backing up but it turned out to just be the bubbling airlock on our brew. Quigley can’t stand the noise it makes and keeps trying to get into the closet to bark at it. Sometime around Thursday we will test the beer to see if it is ready to be bottled then we will bottle it up and let it ferment for another 14 days in the closet. Storing the beer anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months should improve the flavor but somehow I don’t think Tim will let it store that long :-).

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