Rejuvenate Me!

If you have never seen the documentary, “Supersize Me” I highly suggest you rent it. It is amazing to me how our bodies can be healed or destroyed just by what kind of food we put into it. Last Friday I was feeling quite ill. Stress coupled with poor eating habits for the past couple of weeks were starting to wreak havoc on my systems. I decided to give my body a break over the weekend and went on a Juice Fast. For two days it was nothing but freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice. Today I feel rejuvenated and energized…and I lost 5lbs! I tend to yo-yo with my eating habits. I had tried being a vegetarian, but all those whole grains and pastas made me gain weight and feel bloated. I tried being a “raw” vegan, but the temptations from preparing meals for my family (who are veracious meat eaters) was too much for me to bear. I tried low-carb, but too much meat made me feel greasy. So, I will settle for balance. Whenever I feel my diet is out of balance, I can simply give my digestion process a break by fasting and infuse it with lots of vitamins and antioxidants through juicing. It always helps me get back on track. For some great “raw” recipes go to or check out my inspiration on Juice Feasting, Angela Stokes, at

UPDATE!!! – Hubby tried our homemade beer and the verdict is…YUM! He said, “Buy more!”

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