Back Again

I am back again for another post and coincidentally my post has to do with BACKS! First it has been BACK to school for the boys. We actually year-round school but we don’t have extra-curricular activities through the summer. My oldest is in TNT in AWANA this year and my youngest just started Cubbies. My DH and I actually got to go to a restaurant alone for a nice dinner…with uninterrupted conversation! This may not sound like a big deal but we don’t get to do things like that often. We don’t use a babysitter and family isn’t close enough to watch them very often (usually only on special occasions like our anniversary). Speaking of anniversary…our 9th wedding anniversary will be on 9/9/09! And it just happens to fall on the same night as AWANA so we get another date! Woo-Hoo!

I am also BACK in the garden plating my fall crop. I am surprised how nice the weather has been the past week. Instead of high 90’s it’s only been in the high 80’s! Believe me, after a very hot summer, temps in the 80’s are a relief. Yesterday I amended my raised bed with compost from my tumbler (the chickens loved digging for bugs in what was left behind on the ground) then I planted corn, squash, zucchini, beans and sunflowers. It was BACK breaking work and I was walking like an old lady afterward but I am BACK to normal today.

Which means I am BACK in the kitchen too! Today I am canning 6-quarts of pinto beans. These will be handy for quick meals like “Beans on Potatoes” or “Refried Beans”.  We are also BACK to making another batch of beer. This time it is a Stout…my favorite.

Well, I better get BACK to work!

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