Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe I let the Fall slip by without making another post. Here we are, already into 2010 and one of my resolutions is to keep up with my online journal. It is nice to be able to look back on some of my past posts to remember days gone by. I tried a written journal but would misplace it or find it too tedious (as I can type much faster). I don’t have long to write much besides a brief description of what the past few months have included…

Homeschooling my two boys became the bulk of my busy days. I let the idea of a fall garden go (only planting sweet potatoes, cabbage and broccoli). I became Assistant Den Leader for my oldest son’s Cub Scout troop and he had weekly Shakespeare classes and Science classes in addition to his AWANA group. In between we had lots of camping trip and field trips. We ended up taking a week off in November to visit Disney World.

In October, my best friend and I spent a week becoming Outdoors Women in Alabama. We had a blast! BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) programs are held in many states throughout the country. In one weekend I learned how to ride and maintain an ATV, how to cook in a dutch oven, all about deer hunting and various frontier skills. I will have to write more about this later but you get the jest.

My best friend finally had her wedding in November. There was a lot of planning and preparations that had me busy up until that date. She ended up deciding with her new husband to home school his two children from a previous marriage (he was a widow) so I also spent a lot of time helping her prepare for that transition and here children now come over here once a week to do Classical Coversations together.

After that it seemed a slew of birthdays and holiday preparations entailed. I am happy to announce that my husband got a deer on Thanksgiving weekend…his first in ten years! We had also been struggling with my sons behavioral problems which ended up being solved the good old fashioned biblical way thanks to a woman who loaned me the book, “Train Up A Child” by Michael Pearl and Dr. S. M. Davis. I will explain more on that later too.

So, now that fall is gone and here we are smack dab in middle of winter I suppose I will leave you with some homeschool ideas for winter science experiments. Tonight it may actually snow here in North Florida so we can try some of these!

Science Experiments for Cold Weather

Predict the weather. Check out the pinecones outside. If they are open, it will not snow. If they are closed, it will.

And learn about other Weather Lore/


Blow up a balloon. Measure around the outside of the balloon with a string. Place the balloon outside. You might have to tie the balloon to something, so it does not blow away. Wait at least 4 hours and then re-measure the balloon with the same string. What happened? Hint: cold air takes up less space.
Fill a two liter plastic bottle with water. Make sure the water is to the very top of the bottle. Sit the bottle outside on a 32 degree or colder day. Allow it to sit, without a lid, overnight. Examine the bottle the next morning. What happened?
Find out why some cars have trouble starting in cold weather.


If it does snow on Thursday you can capture a snowflake by holding a black piece of construction paper out while it is snowing. Observe all the different snowflake patterns. Use a magnifying glass.
Pour three cups of water. One hot, one warm, one cold. Set them outside, on a day when the temperature is 32 degrees or colder, and see which one freezes first. Keeping a chart with observations written every half hour, may be a way to report the findings.
Learn what “wind chill factor” means.


Make a real Crystal Snowflake


My husband has been leaving our hose on mist out in the backyard at night which keeps the water from freezing and busting the hose or pipes. It also creates a wonderful Winter Wonderland for the kids to play with. If you put water the water out on the driveway you will have a place for them to “ice skate” and you can use your garbage can, bird waterer, etc. as a place to create icicles!

Homestead Blessings!

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