Hectic Happenings!

It’s 78 degrees outside and beautiful. I wanted to get a lot of chores done today but I am still not feeling well, which is very frustrating me. I did manage to clean out the goats pen and use the hay to mulch my broccoli and cabbage plants. I watered my seedlings and thought about what I need to be planting in the ground soon. The boys have spring fever and are into everything…I try to clean up and they make more messes. It’s so exhausting. I feel like I am running on a hamster wheel most of the time. I am also a little sad that the electric company came out and cleared the easement behind our house. I was hoping to walk the goats back there to let them graze and it also would be teaming with blackberries this summer but alas now it is gone. I got the boys winter clothes put away and brought out the shorts and t-shirts. Next is my closet…hmmm, think I’ll wait another day to tackle that one. I am off to feed my girls again. They eat a lot more than I anticipated! Wish we lived in the country where they would have lots of stuff to browse. With the housing market the way it is, doesn’t look like that will be a reality anytime soon. So, I work with what I have. Slowly…painfully slow.

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