Long Time Gone

Here’s the short version of why I haven’t posted and what has been going on in my life lately….

1. Joined Facebook and set up to allow posts from WordPress to be shared then somehow that locked me out of WordPress and I was unable to get in to update posts. Have had time to figure out the Facebook thing now so I am back!

2. Goats are doing well and now we have 2 Indian Runner ducks. They sure are messy and stinky! Chickens are still laying even though it has been very hot. Zucchini did not bear fruit again this year due to vine borers. Still not able to get corn to grow. Blueberries were protected by bird netting and we still didn’t get very many. Peach tree exploded with fruit and we even had some plums! Tomatoes are doing awesome as well. Crushed egg shells in the soil prevented blossom end rot!

3. Boys are at a local Christian school for six weeks of summer camp (woo-hoo!). This gives me time to prepare for the upcoming school year and get the household organized. Boys are having a lot of fun. My oldest has been involved with Science and Sports classes there.

4. Changed my diet to high-raw vegan (gluten-free and soy-free) and have been back to the gym. So far, I have lost 25lbs and I feel great. Zumba rocks 🙂 Trying to keep up with growing wheat-grass and sprouts in the kitchen. I have been making lots of homemade salsa, guacamole and raw vegan nacho cheese dip (yum). I drink a Green Smoothie every morning for breakfast.

5. I have become more involved with Scouting and will be a Den Leader for the Webelo’s this year. Yay! Lots of camping and activities are planned this year so there should be a lot to post.

That’s all I can think of right now. I hope to post more….soon!

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