Why Raw Vegan?

I spent last weekend visiting my in-laws and had to deal with the barrage of questions about my diet. “WHAT can you eat? WHY are you eating this way? ARE you getting enough protein? etc…” It is very difficult for me to put months of research on the subject into an intelligible one sentence response. It usually ends up sounding more like, “Because all the food I used to eat made me feel bad.”  Those who are genuinely interested in what being RAW is all about (or Vegan or just Vegetarian), I will send links to websites and documentaries that can watch to learn more and can decide for themselves as to whether or not this type of diet would be best for them. That being said, here is an article I found called, “10 Reasons Raw is Healthier” that I thought I would share because I couldn’t agree with it more (http://zenhabits.net/10-reasons-eating-raw-is-healthier-for-you-and-the-planet/). The past couple of weeks I have allowed more cooked food into my diet and boy can I tell a difference! My hunger has increased, I am more sluggish, I have migraines and I have less mental clarity. So I suppose when people ask WHY do I eat raw I should just say, “Because it makes me feel good!”

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