Gypsy Woman

On my way to the gym this morning I saw a vision, like a daydream, of events that “may” occur in my future. I envisioned that when I reached the gym my class would be canceled and I would instead run on the treadmill (which I haven’t done in years) and find that I could run fairly well prompting me to reconsider doing 5k races again and trying to improve my time. When I showed up to the gym there was a gathering of ladies reading a sign on the door explaining that class had indeed been canceled. So, I made my way to the treadmill and low and behold I was able to run a mile without stopping! My time wasn’t great but it was sure better than what I expected since it had been so long since I ran. I started to think about all the other times I had visions like today that came true. Insignificant, random events that I played in my mind I then experienced in real life. It felt like de ja vu!

When my grandmother was alive and I visited her, she would talk about supernatural things like ghosts, aliens and humans having super powers. She had lots of books on the subject, mostly from Time Life books. She would tell me stories about how she had visions too. So, is what I have genetic? My dad used to tease me when we were in the car and he would turn on the radio and I would exclaim, “I was just singing that tune in my head and was at that very spot!” He told me it must be my braces picking up radio waves. :-p’ At the time I didn’t think it was funny. I wanted someone to believe me.

Unfortunately I don’t realize I have seen the future until I am living it. I can’t control it like a gypsy with a crystal ball (I don’t believe in that stuff anyway). Which is too bad because I could sure use that Lotto money! This just makes me wonder how much humans can be capable of. I don’t see dead people or murders (thank goodness) but some people claim to…and have lucrative jobs doing it. Is it that we are tapped into some electrical magnet spectrum? I suppose I will never know.

I will just smile and enjoy my “de ja vu” moments when they happen. Now, if I could only get my brain to remember more of the past that would be great. It’s like when my brain gets too full, it wipes the hard drive clean and starts over. :o) Time to reboot! What were we talking about???

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