Yummy Vegan Dishes!

Since I have been incorporating more cooked food into my diet I have been experimenting with Vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and tofu free meals. I found this great blog Fat Free Vegan Kitchen and I already tried her Okra and Tomatoes recipe (which I served in a bowl with Cajun beans and rice) and tonight I made her Quick and Easy Potato Soup recipe  and both were SO YUMMY! I also tried this Rich Cheddar Sauce recipe I found on the Gone Raw site. OMG’osh!!! It was BETTER than real cheese sauce :o) I baked a potato and steamed some broccoli  to go on top then smothered it in the cheese sauce…OH IT WAS HEAVEN!!! Last night I made Annie Chun’s Pad Thai made with rice noodles. FYI: It does have anchovy in the fish sauce so it’s not entirely Vegan and the soy sauce has wheat in it so it’s not entirely gluten-free either. I added squash, zucchini, carrots, red pepper, onions, celery and mushrooms. It was very delicious and even DH ate it (he is NOT a big veggie eater). I have found some frozen meals called Amy’s Organics which are great because they are even labeled dairy-free, gluten free. I really like the Enchiladas, Vegetable Korma, Channa Masala, Tamales and the Brown Rice with Black-Eyes Peas and Vegetables. Its nice to have something easy to fix when I am starving and short on time. Two changes I have noticed over the past couple weeks is that I seem to be more hungry during the day and I have a lot of gas :o). I think the gas is probably from all the broccoli I have been eating! (Too much information?) I had a pain in my groin which I think was a pulled muscle…it didn’t help that I worked out for three hours on Monday! I took yesterday off and that seemed to do the trick. My best friend and I have a goal to lose 10 more pounds this month and now that I am eating more calories with the cooked food I need to be sure I burn them off at the gym. My energy is still up, I am way more able to keep up with the boys throughout the day than I was last year. Last year by 10am I couldn’t wait until nap time…for ME! Well, I am off to find more yummy recipes to get me through the next 90 days of my Vegan journey. Yep, tomorrow will mark 90 days that I have been a Vegan and I have lost a total of 30 lbs. Yay me!


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