Do The Right Thing

Yesterday we took the boys to the Gulfarium on Okaloosa Island. It was meant to be an educational  field trip for my youngest whose theme in reading all week was about sea life. As we were about to walk in a lady approached us with her receipt. She said, “Here, you can use my receipt to get into the park for free since there is four of you.” My husband took the ticket and I thanked her and as soon as we stepped inside the building my husband threw the receipt into the trash. My oldest son asked, “Why did you do that?” At which point my husband took the opportunity to explain that if he were to use that receipt to get in that would the same as lying, cheating and stealing. Could we have used the receipt to get into the park and save lots of money? Maybe. But would it have been the right thing to do? Noway!

My boys had a great time. There were very few people and the weather was overcast making it 78 degrees with a cool breeze. When it finally did rain we were able to watch the animal shows undercover so we never got wet…can’t say the same for the trainers though :o) Anyway, it was totally worth every penny. My youngest DS bought a dolphin toy at the gift shop with his allowance money and it has been his friend ever since.

On the way down there and back we listened to a BBC made for radio recording of Robinson Crusoe audio book and today my boys watched a cartoon version of Jules Vern’s book 20,000 Leagues under the sea and the really got into the stories. Tomorrow starts a brand new week of school. Boy how the time does fly.

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