Email to a country woman

On one of my forums a woman posted that she lives in the country and has found it hard to GIVE away her farm fresh eggs and raw milk because the locals prefer what they get from the supermarket…like it is beneath them to eat food from a farm! This is what I emailed to her and I am posting it to my blog because it includes a lot of great links.

“I am sure that after the recall you will get more people interested in your farm fresh eggs. Unfortunately the FDA wants to shut down the selling (or even giving away) of anything raw…this includes fruits and vegetables. There is a bill in the Senate that will make it illegal to sell raw food. They want everything to be pasteurized (or dead food). Check out and Those folks you come across who would rather buy their milk and eggs from the Supermarket should watch this documentary or Food Inc. There is no way to long-term store raw milk and retain all of its nutrients. Better to keep dairy animals in milk if you want that available during a shortage.”

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