Au Natural…or is it?

This week Publix has Cape Cod chips on sale, buy one get one free. I love the Salt and Vinegar flavored chips so I rushed down to pick up a couple bags the other day but to my dismay they were out of my favorites. I started to look at the other bags to see what the ingredients were and only the plain chips had ingredients I could pronounce…this should have been my wake up call to question the “All Natural” labeling on the bag. I opted to try again the next day and behold there they were so I grabbed a couple bags…not reading the ingredients on the back first (my second mistake). My only problem with eating these chips is that they are so addictive that I end up eating an entire bag in one sitting (my third clue). I opened up a bag yesterday and sure enough I polished it off. I did share a few with my DH and kids (something I regret doing now). Last night I got the worst headache and a feeling that I was all congested. My balance was off and every sound was vibrating in my ears. I collapsed into bed early hoping to feel better this morning but today it seems worse! My ears are popping and I have stumbling all over the place. I would say it is sinus related but I can breathe just fine. I could say it is weather related since the weather has been dark and dreary yesterday and today but I don’t recall ever feeling this way before.

I got a hankering for more of “my” chips shortly after breakfast. I ripped open a bag and as I munched and worked on the computer I thought, “These are so addictive! I just can’t stop eating them.” Then I went and did it… I looked at the ingredients. Two words glared out at me, “maltodextrin” and “sodium diacitate.” What? How can those be natural? So I went searching online as to what I had been scarfing down the last couple of days and sure enough I found that maltodextrin (most of the time) contains MSG! Not only that, the sodium diacitate is a really nasty chemical used in the textile industry. How can these be sold as “All Natural”? I looked at side effects for MSG and headaches are number one. I had been poisoned! You would think I would know better by now. :o) After my research I promptly stuffed my bag of chips in the trash. Farewell Cape Cod!

To learn more about the dangers of MSG and how it is hidden in our food, go to Healthy Holistic Living. For a printable version of what foods contain MSG go to Truth in Labeling.

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