50lbs Released!

I did it…I finally lost 50lbs! Actually, I have been going up and down by about 3-4lbs from it for like a month now due to all the traveling. I started running again last week and I think that helped push me over the plateau. Next goal is to lose another 5lbs and weigh less than I have since Junior High School. If I can maintain a weight under 150lbs that would be awesome. So many people are commenting on my weight loss and I am a sucker for flattery. All that positive attention motivates me to work harder. I think they are noticing more because I am wearing clothes that fit me now and not my old saggy ones. I’m hoping to get back into running 5k, 10k, etc. and hopefully…someday I will finally do that Triathlon or the Disney Marathon!

So where I have been traveling too? Well, on the 14th I took the boys to the Panhandle Butterfly House in Navarre to learn about the migration of Monarch Butterfly’s then spent the afternoon with my in-laws. On the 16th I drove all the way up to Birmingham, AL to take DS to see the American Village (which was awesome!). We met up with a friend (Uncle Barry) and spent the day learning about colonial times. DS enlisted in the colonial army and played games, was sent to the stocks and sat behind the President’s Resolute desk in a replica of the Oval Office! We had to come back home because Sunday morning we left EARLY for an all day Deep Sea fishing excursion on the UnReel in Destin. The captain is a patient that DH has been treating at the clinic so he took the whole office out! It was so much fun. DS caught a barracuda and I reeled in the guts from inside a barracuda…yep, it was gross! Reeling in the Red Snapper was the best. Too bad I won’t be eating any of :o)

After our fishing excursion was complete I found out that my in-laws condo on the beach in Destin was available that week if we wanted to stay there…something DH had forgot to mention to me on several occasions. So we packed a bag and moved into an efficiency  room on the beach for a week. We went to the Track where the boys got to drive their own cars, we went to the beach, we hung out in the indoor pool and hot tub and watched movies in the theater, then we went on a haunted hayride at the park where my parents are work camping (Topsail Hill Preserve).

This week I have been way more relaxed with school. I needed a vacation from our vacation :o) Next week we will have to jump back into a full schedule but I’m going to try and take it easier on them. I am going to try and take it easier on myself too. I already asked DH to take DS to Webelo’s Camp next weekend so that was a load off my mind. This weekend is Halloween fun at the house and my and my best gal pal are going to trip the light fantastic Saturday night…late! I feel so much more relaxed and having so much more fun! Life is just way too short to be taken so serious!

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