Bullets for my birthday

Well it looks like I won’t be able to attend the Appleseed Project in Pensacola this year on the 3rd. It is free for women and children and I could camp for free there, I have a rifle too…I just don’t have enough ammo and a sling! Went to Bass Pro Shops and priced the ammo I would need and it ended up being about $150! Yikes! I would love to go but can’t swing that much money on ammo to go have a fun day learning to shoot rifles at 500 yards…unless I win The Survival Podcast contest from BulkAmmo.com which would give me 500 rounds to shoot with. If I don’t win, maybe I will ask for bullets for my birthday. I know…not a typical gift for a woman right :-p’ But then again…I have never been a “typical” woman!


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