Adventures in Juicing

I’ve decided to go back to my “roots” (pun intended) when it comes to eating a more vegetable based diet. Yep, even though I am still a Vegan I find myself being lured to the dark side and can easily become a “junk food” Vegan. Not junk like you think junk…just too many organic corn chips, pistachios, glasses of wine and cooked foods. In fact, I started my Vegan journey by eating what is called a “High Raw” diet which included a lot of fresh  salads and juices. I then succumbed to the delicious recipes I found over at the Fat Free Vegan Blog and then I was back to eating more cooked than raw…especially since it is Winter and I craved warming food like chili and soup. I usually have a Green Smoothie for my breakfast which knocks the raw and greens out for the day but I wasn’t having as many salads. I still like my soups but I have tried to change my diet to be about 60-80% raw by having a green smoothie, a large salad and a soup daily with maybe a green juice thrown in for good measure.

I’m back on my juice kick mostly because when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer before Christmas we bought her a juicer and I spent a lot of time trying to convince her to use it by explaining why it would be so beneficial to her healing. I thought….hmm…I’d better start taking my own advice and power up my juicer more often. I love to juice but hate to clean the little bugger :o) I have also just started reading Kris Carr’s new diet book called, “Crazy, Sexy, Diet.” Kris (also short for Kristin…kinda like me, but I am a TEN!) is one awesome Veggie Chick! If you have never seen her documentary about her cancer journey from TLC it is a MUST SEE! She pops, sparkles and glows electric 🙂

So…that brings me to my juice adventure for the day. I have a lot of juicing recipes but sometimes I like to play Mad Scientist and try my own concoctions. Sometimes it works out well and sometimes, like today, it’s…ummm…downright gross! I had 1/2 a honey dew melon in the fridge (that never tasted right to me to begin with but I thought it would make a lot of juice), then I added 2 broccoli stalks (because what else was I going to do with them), and then I tossed in 1/2 cucumber, 3 kiwis and some spiralina powder. It was nasty tasting but I drank it anyway because when you put that much produce into juice your invested and no matter how it tastes it’s still good for ya! Oh well, back to the drawing board.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on healing cancer naturally (have been for years actually but my research is on steroids now that someone I love has it!). I love to learn about the healing properties of food. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that our Creator has supplied everything we need on this planet to live a healthy life and every day scientists are discovering how these foods nourish and heal our bodies. I love to tell others about the joy I have found in eating a more natural diet. I’ve been thinking about becoming “certified” as some sort of holistic practitioner or nutritional consultant. For now, I will just spread the Gospel of Health where ever I go to whomever will listen.

Make Juice Not War (as Kris Carr wold say)



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