No Foolin Around Come April!

With my 1 year anniversary of becoming a vegetarian quickly approaching (May 7th) I’ve decided to end the year the way it began and that is with a 100% Raw Vegan Detox Diet for 30-Days. I’ve been eating WAY too much cooked food and have noticed that stress has caused some binge eating…and wine imbibing! I’ve also let 10lbs creep back on since I broke my wrist last month and wasn’t able to properly prepare food so I lived on Amy’s frozen meals mostly. I will try to blog my progress here everyday (if I can keep up with it and my busy schedule).

Here are my beginning stats: Weight 155lbs Measurements: 38″ Bust 31″ Waist 38″ Hips (She’s a brick…hOUse!)  and I am a size 8/10. When I began almost a year ago I weighed about 215 and wore a size 18. I started with a raw vegan diet then slowly started adding cooked vegan meals. In my journal I see that I had lost 13lbs in the first 2 weeks. It took me only  6 months to get down to 155 and I have been bouncing between 145-155 ever since November. I’d like to reach my goal of 135lbs next year. At my 1 year anniversary I will post before and after photos.

If you would like to join me in the 30-day raw food challenge you can find recipes at

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