Juice Fast Friday

1 April 2011

Okay so I totally screwed up my diet and had a cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake for dinner…April Fools! 😮 Just typing that made me feel like throwing up! I simply can not imagine myself ever eating that way again!

I decided to kick-start my 30-Day Raw Food Challenge with a juice fast. This is what I consumed today:

Blueberry Green Tea


Celery/Cabbage/Cucumber/Broccoli Stalk

Carrot/Red Pepper/Oranges/ Jalepeno

Carrot/Orange/Purple Sweet Potato/Ginger/Pineapple

Kombucha Tea

It was a really busy day today. It was so nice out that I did take a break with the boys to the park after they finished school and got to lay in the sun for a bit. I went to Zumba class tonight and one of the girls commented that she could hardly recognize me because I am getting so thin! Unfortunately I did not take the compliment well and went on about having actually gained weight and how I need to workout more. Why is it so dad-gum hard for me to take a compliment? After I thought about it for a bit it really did motivate me to want to do the best I can with my healthy eating habits to get to my goal weight…or even just maintain where I am at and be happy with what I have accomplished. I hope I can sleep tonight. I think all that sugar from the juices has my body ready to GO, GO, GO! A lot of the “diet” gurus suggest take at least one day off per week to give your digestive system a break and fast, whether it be juice or water or smoothies. Since I will be having my first colonic next week, I wanted to get my detox going quickly so I thought a fast was in order. Who knows, maybe I will do one every Friday.

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