Sunday and Monday

Sunday 4/3 was a lazy day though I did manage a short dog walk.

1 grapefruit

homemade guacamole with blue corn chips (nearly chopped off my finger carving the avocado!)

a huge broccoli salad w/ cashew dressing that was so rich and yummy!

raw chocolate granola w/ hemp milk

Monday 4/4 was busy with home schooling the kids and house work then I did 1 hour of Step Aerobics and 1 hr of Yoga to boot!

Blueberry Green tea w/ honey

Banana, Pineapple and Honey Mango w/ Spinach and Bee Pollen Smoothie

Large bowl of Energy Soup w/ Blue Corn Chips

1 grapefruit

About a cup of pistachios

Tomorrow I am having my first Infrared Sauna detox and Colonic! I think I will juice fast again to help the “flow” of toxins be released. I will blog about my experience afterward. I’m off to the hot tub to soak my sore muscles.

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