Tuesday – Juice Fast #2

5 April 2011

Blueberry Green Tea

Carrot/Orange/Sweet Potato/Ginger/Pineapple

Carrot/Red Pepper/Orange/Jalepeno

Celery/Cabbage/Cucumber/Broccoli Stalk

Bedtime Herbal Tea

Had first my colonic this afternoon. It wasn’t anything spectacular. I guess I had my expectations raised from reading about other people’s experiences through articles and YouTube videos. Because my diet is so good, I am pretty regular (going 3-5 times a day is actually regular) and I don’t eat foods that have to spend a long time in my digestive track before they are processed (like red meat). So everything went smoooothly :p’ The infrared sauna is a whole other story. About the first 10 minutes in I thought it was nothing more than an overpriced sauna. Once I broke a sweat though it was like someone turned a faucet on and I started pouring out water from every pour on my body. After the treatment was over I toweled off and got dressed but all I wanted to do was take a nap. I felt so relaxed! There is a regular sauna at the gym I will be going to tomorrow. I think I may check it out again to compare but I’m telling you the infrared was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…well, except for a steam room but this was DRY heat!

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