Stress Binging!

Wednesday, April 6th started off great. I weighed in at 149 which meant I lost 5lbs since I last weighed in on March 27th. I was very emotional today and stressed out. I decided to go to dinner with my DH while the boys were in church so we could talk and the restaurant we went to didn’t have anything Vegan never mind Raw. So I ended up with a Vegetarian dish.

Blueberry Green Tea

Honey Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Spinach, Vitamin C packet, Bee Pollen

Guacamole w/Blue Corn chips

Spinach Quesadilla w/guacamole salad and chips w/salsa


Thursday, April 7th was another busy day with taking the boys to dental appointments.

Blueberry Green Tea

Green to Gold Smoothie

1 Grapefruit

Kale Waldorf Salad

Buckwheat Cocoa Granola w/ Hemp Milk


Friday, April 8th was our turns for dental appointments. DH was off today to take the boys on a Father and Sons camp out. I was eagerly anticipating some quiet time and once they left I made a huge cooked dinner, popped a bottle of wine and watched a Chic Flick!

Milk Thistle tea with honey

Liver Tonic smoothie

1 Grapefruit

Greek Salad

Spelt spaghetti with 1 zucchini and tofu crumbles in tomato sauce with Veggie mozzarella cheese and Gluten-Free bread sticks

Red Wine (an entire bottle!)

Peanut M&Ms ( a couple handfuls)

Saturday, April 9th Surprisingly I was up early working in the garden and cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. I even had time to soak up some sun. For some reason my upper abdominal area is cramping. Trying to see if eating solid food will help since all I have had to eat today are smoothies.

Coconut Cantaloupe Chiller

Pineapple, Pear, Parsley, Banana, Cucumber, MSM and Chai

Veggie burgers w/ mozzarella, sprouts and tomato w/ corn chips and corn on the cob.

Wine cooler ;-p

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