P90X – 1 week down!

Weighed and measured myself this morning and found that I have lost 4lbs and lost 1/2 inch on both my bust and hips. C’mon waist, where ya at? Sunday was Day 6 and I did my workout before church. I was so sleepy all day and had to take a nap after an afternoon scout meeting to refresh.

mango, pineapple, banana, kale, supergreen powder

1 grapefruit

Amy’s Enchilada meal with Tostido Scoops and salsa

Steamed broccoli w/ Vegan cheese sauce on brown rice

Chocolate Cherry Bomb green smoothie w/ Hemp protein

Monday was another stressful day of getting the boys back to doing their schoolwork so I pooped out around 3pm and just watched TV until it was time to hit the gym at 5. Amazingly I made it out of bed at 6amfor Day 7 of P90x. My sweat smelled like Fritos during Step and I felt like I had too much salt in my system from the chips. The soup was delicious and I ate a LOT of it! At the gym I did 1 hr of Step Aerobics, 1 hr of Yoga and 1 hr of Zumba. My back was having spasms when I got home so I soaked in the hot tub and applied the hot pad and some Tiger Balm which helped. Wiped out tired at the end of the day.

green tea w/honey

pineapple, pear, parsley, banana, msm, chai, wheatgrass smoothies

1 grapefruit

Mexican Pumpkin Soup from the Fat Free Vegan Blog w/ Frito Scoops

Trail Mix

My back felt better this morning so I went ahead with the P90X Day 8 routine. I would like to go to Zumba and Sculpt at the gym tonight also but will see how my back does the rest of the day.

green tea with honey

grapefruit, mango, parsley, romaine smoothie

granola with craisins, 1 banana, flaxseeds and hemp milk

Large Greek salad w/ all the fixins

Mexican Pumpkin Soup w/ Fritos (just less of them this time)

I know I could lose more weight if I just cut out the chips but that is my one last remaining vice. ;-p’


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