Two Weeks Complete!

Today is Day 14 – I can hardly believe it has been 2 weeks on P90X. I took Easter off yesterday so I could start the week out on Monday since starting off on Tuesday was kind of messing me up :o) I also decided to keep an online journal of my meals using If you click on this link it will take you to my food journal. Even though I detest keeping a calorie count, I was curious to see just how many calories I am consuming so we will see how long I can keep a record. It is just so time consuming to look up every little ingredient. This would be easier if I lived on processed foods but I don’t! I’ve also been considering incorporating egg whites into my diet for more protein. Since I raise my own chickens, I am secure in knowing my eggs come from happy layers and are packed with Omega fats and protein! I did buy some Raw Protein Powder from Garden of Life to add to my morning smoothie as a post workout drink but it tastes kinda chalky…Blach! I’ll see if that helps make a difference in my performance. Starting to get really worn out. Week 4 is a recovery week so I hope I can rest up enough to really “Bring It” the weeks following. I hurt my back somehow too so I’m having to take it easier. Not tonight though…I’ve got 3 hours of exercise coming up. Or “EXTRA SIZE” as my six year old would say.

Here is a look at my Week 3:

Monday      AM Chest/Back/Abs       PM Step/Yoga/Zumba

Tuesday     AM Plyometrics                 PM Zumba/Sculpt

Wednesday AM Shoulders/Arms/Abs     PM Run 4 miles

Thursday   AM Yoga X                           PM Cardio Pump

Friday         AM Legs/Back/Abs          PM Zumba

Saturday    AM Kenpo X  and Run 5k

Sunday       Rest or X Stretch

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