Hello Recovery Week!

Fhew! I finally made it to week 4 of P90X which is RECOVERY WEEK! It could not have come at a better time since I started my cycle and I have been cramping like crazy. I’ve also been so tired. I felt like I haven’t lost any weight at all and I have been avoiding the scale until weigh in day tomorrow. I can easily gain 5lbs just from pre-menstrual bloating so I am going to take that into account at my next weigh in. My BeachBody.com coach told me I am overdoing my workouts. Incorporating P90X along with my regular gym workouts is “too much cardio” she said and is probably why I am feeling run down. I’m hoping after this week I will regain my energy to start anew for Week 5 which looks more intense than the first three weeks of the workouts. Recovery week doesn’t mean NO WORKOUTS, it just means no weight training. I will still be doing Yoga, Stretching and Cardio this week.

I also need to take this week to try and tweak my diet. Even though I am consuming the right amount of calories (less than 2100 per day), I don’t know if I am getting enough protein. I have also found that I am stress binging again! Last Friday my husbands motorcycle broke down and after picking him up from work we ate out which led to a Spinach Cheese Quesadilla (not dairy or gluten free), Chips, THREE Margaritas and 20 Peanut M&M’s!!! I know if I can just cut out the Chips, Chocolate and Alcohol I would lose so much more weight.

I think I need to go back to at least 80% Raw! My is that I should have a Green Smoothie for breakfast and maybe some Green Tea w/ honey, then a Large bowl of Soup (or other cooked vegan meal) or Salad for Lunch and a Large bowl of Soup or Salad (whichever I didn’t have for lunch) for supper. No chips…no chocolate.. no ALCOHOL! I better go find some recipes and prepare. It helps if I plan my meals in advance so when I get hungry I’m not wasting time wondering what I am going to eat.

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