Happy Anniversay & Mother’s Day!

Today is the 1 year Anniversary of me going Vegetarian and finally taking care of myself…MOM! In one year I have gone from 215lbs down to 150lbs (losing 65lbs and 30% of my body weight). I have also dropped about 6 dress sizes (from an 18/20 to an 8/10 and even a size 6 in some clothes). Today is also Day 27 for P90X and one day before I was suppose to take updated photos, weight and measurements. I will post the Phase 1 completion photos I took today to my Flicker account so you can see my progress. I can definitely see muscle tone now, even though in one month I only lost 1lb and 1″ overall. Since I first recorded my measurements I have lost 4″ off my bust, 3″ off my waist and 5″ off my hips (a total of 12″ overall). Today I start a whole new year of taking care of MOM and another month of getting ripped with P90X! This month I am going to endeavor to cut out the alcohol, chips and sugar and try to cut down on the sodium intake. The motto for the month is, “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest!” Oh…and BRING IT! 🙂

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