3 Weeks Post-Op

August 12th I went in to have my tummy tuck. To doctor removed 4lbs of loose skin and fat!  I stayed pretty much on bed rest for the first three days following the surgery but then I seemed to be recovering very quickly. Now at 3 weeks post-op the worst I am dealing with is soreness from the swelling that usually occurs after a busy day of being up and running around. I have been able to get back on the treadmill walking at a 3mph pace at a 2% incline for about 30 minutes at a time. I’m afraid of gaining weight since I can’t exercise as much so I am trying to really watch what I eat and the amount. I did a lot of juicing, protein drinks and green smoothies before and following my surgery to keep my nutrition at it’s peak. I wasn’t able to do hyperbarics right away. I had a pain pump that kept me from getting in the chamber but since that was removed I have been in the chamber about 7 times. My bruising subsided really quickly and my scars are looking good. The doctor was concerned at my last appointment about the swelling. He thought I may have some fluid caught in there and tried to drain me with a need but nothing came from it so I just need to keep and eye on it to see how it goes. I am also very numb all across my abdomen and sometimes down around my hips and thighs. The doctor told me the swelling and numbness can last for months.

I am so eager to back to the gym and start sculpting my body again but I have to take it easy or I can really do damage. No only do I have the stitches on the outside but the muscles inside were also stitched up and those are the one I DEFINITELY don’t want to rupture! So until I get the go-ahead from the doc, I need to stick to the low-impact stuff.

I posted some before and after pics if you’re interested in seeing. My measurements are still the same (actually I am inch more around my waist!). My weight is around 140ish. My clothes still fit. After the swelling subsides I will probably be a size smaller. We’ll have to wait and see.

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