First Day of Spring!

It was a beautiful day here for the official first day of spring. We worked in the back yard getting the chicken coop we inherited from our old neighbors up off the ground onto concrete blocks. The thing is a beast and has to weigh about 300 lbs! I am still suffering from a head cold so I wasn’t much help. The wind was blowing and it was cool but the sun was shining and makes me long for the day when I get to put new seeds in the ground. For the area I live in, planting time is between now and Easter. Some wait until after Easter to avoid a late frost. I’m not sure I’ll be that patient if the weather holds out. We do have other chores to keep us busy. Our new goats are getting used to us and the chickens now. We will be extending their pen to give them more room to romp when they have to be in there then we need to put bird netting over my blueberries if I expect to get any this year. We also have Indian Runner Ducks on order to add to the homestead that will hopefully help with garden pests. The winter was long and hard on us. Once we are over our sickness and the weather clears we should be back outside enjoying nature once again!

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