Another day in paradise

I am so glad the school day is over. I just feel exhausted from teaching both my boys today. It always starts off well then goes downhill after about noon. After 3pm we’re all stir-crazy! My 5 yr old DS tore down the curtains in the living room (by accident), the ducks and the dog pooped on the back porch (again), the dog got out and decided it would be fun to herd the goats (it wasn’t fun for the goats), my 9 yr old DS complained about every assignment he had to do today (especially the last one…reading) and my DH is going to be home late from work today. Good news is that I have dinner in the crock-pot ready to serve, I will have “Mommy time” at the gym tonight after DH gets home and my broccoli seedling are starting to sprout in the greenhouse I made in my bedroom in front of the window (yep! I said my bedroom!). All in all, it’s just another day in paradise.

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